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Bringing imagination to life

The curriculum summary

Writing original content is a skill you can learn

The Act Of Screenwriting Takes Many Forms Across Media And Entertainment Industry. Often, Multiple Writers Work On The Same Script At Different Stages Of Development With Different Tasks. 

Over The Course Of A Successful Career, A Screenwriter Might Be Hired To Write In A Wide Variety Of Roles For A Wide Variety Of Subjects.


Course Highlights​

There is a medley of unique features available in J2B programs

Evolution Of Cinema

Golden Age Of Indian Cinema To Modern Cinema, Realism And Neorealism In Cinema

Introduction Of SW

Basic Structure Of Script Writing, Ideation, Imagination, One Liner Script Or Synopsis

Development Of Story

Research & Story Development, Presentation, Story Narration, Characterization

Aspects Of Dialogues

Basic Idea Of Putting Dialogue In A Script, How Dialogue Makes A Script Stronger

Forms Of Script

Script For Television, Script For Documentaries, Censor’s Script, Screenplay For Films, Shooting Script, Story Board

Copy Rights

Story Rights, How To Protect An Idea Or Script, Contracts And Agreements, Copy Right Infringements, 100% Placement Assistance And Internship Option Available

Additional Info

Script Writing With Different Genres

  • Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama & Emotions For Full Masala Films

  • Sitcom

  • Comedy Drama

  • Romantic Comedy

  • Drama With Emotions For Parallel Films

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